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Welcome to the website of a passionate Grillmaster.  I believe a true Grillmaster is sought for occasions, always questioned about what have you smoked lately.  My smoking technique combines my experiences from "downeast" North Carolina with the West Indian influenced styles of Jacksonville, Florida.  The result is JQs fine BBQ! 

Growing up I spent a lot of my summer in Lenoir County North Carolina watching my cousin smoke meats in the smokehouse or on a pull behind smoker.  He had customers from all walks of life seek his slowed cooked chopped BBQ.  This slow cooked chopped BBQ was lightly seasoned with apple cider vinegar, crushed red pepper, and various spices. 

In contrast, the remainder of my summer vacation was in my dad's hometown of Jacksonville, FL eating smoked meat on the bones covered in sauce.  The BBQ in Jacksonville encompassed a lot more spices, black pepper instead of the crushed red pepper, and last but not least BONES!!!  Slabs of ribs and whole or half chickens are smoked spread out on white bread and sauced.   

I grew up in the Albany, NY, 2 hours up the Hudson River from NYC.  BBQ in the northeast takes many forms due to the migration of many walks of life.  The one constant I did observe in the northeast was people generally grilled more.  Grilling is placing the meat directly on the fire.  Over the years, I observed too many times either the meat was burned on the outside or undercooked.  It was this observation that spurred my BBQ quest for perfection!
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